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Hotel Manvins Calangute Goa

Hotel Manvins Goa
 Hotel Manvins Calangute, Goa is an award winning  in Panjim city-capital of Goa- world’s leading tourist destination.  Panjim is the center of Goa. North and South Goa are equidistant from here. The city itself is built on the banks of river Mandovi and the river waters meet the Arabian sea at Miramar beach.  Thus Panjim is a fascinating place with a beach on one side and the placid blue waters of the river on another.  It is an amazing sight as one enters Panjim from the North or from the East.
Hotel Manvins Reception Room
At the center of the city, is MANVINS  Inn Hotel Calangute Goa an imposing edifice  as you see in this picture, of seven storeys-the tallest and the longest building sandwiched between the Church and the Garden squares.  Both these squares are the most happening places of the city. Accommodation is located from the 4th floor upwards which is which is why guests and visitors get an unobstructed 360 degrees view of the river, the greenery beyond the banks of the river, and a distant glimpse of the Miramar Beach waters from the top floor.
For Acomodation and Room Reservation the Contact  Address is given below :

Hotel Manvins
Municipal Gardens(east)
Church Square
Panjim, Goa 403001
ph: 9766316024
fax: 0832-2223231

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