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Farmagudi Residency Goa Of GTDC

Farmagudi Residency Goa

Farmagudi Residency Goa Of GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) than 300 ancient temples and shrines in Ponda,surely it is the abode of the Gods. If Ponda is heaven, then Farmagudi, which is at the entrance to Ponda, is the gateway to this heaven.Farmagudi Hill Retreat is a beautifully laid out group of elegant cottages that would not be out of place on a Swiss mountain. Sloping roofs and a short decorative flight of steps lead to each cottage.The retreat looks like a picturesque set laid out in a beautiful garden lined with winding, flower edged pathways. The Retreat has an eatery in one cottage, complete with an outdoor restaurant too.

Farmagudi Residency  large open air hall is perfect for weddings, parties and receptions. The Farmagudi Hill Retreat is a perfect place to relax when you are on a pilgrimage to the temples of Ponda, or if you just want to get away from the hustle and hassle of city life. The surrounding green hills and valleys refresh and juvenate your senses.

Smt Aruna Kauthankar -Manager
Tel – + 91 0832 2335122 / 2335037
Mobile- +91 9421154752
Fax : + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779

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