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Chapora Fort Map - Dil Chahata hai Goa

It's the  Dil Chahata Hai Fort, as most of the Tourist in India call the Chapora Fort. Below is the Chapora Fort Map by Google showing places nearby the Vagator Beach, Chapora beach, Sterling Resort, Morgim Beach (opposite) and the Ridley Olive Turtle Nesting Site.
The Chapora Fort occupies an important position which, in every direction commanded distant approaches. Rising above the wide Chapora River, long before the Portuguese arrived in Goa, was a fort in place of the present one built. Even after the Portuguese acquired Bardez, the fort changed hands several times and was much sought after.

The brilliant site of Chapora Fort has steep slopes on all sides. Chapora fort follows the outline of higher slopes, stands above the whole upland area having an irregular outer plan and uses the natural form to add defensive height to the fullest advantage instead of dry ditches being dug. At the top of the steep approach track, the main gate is small and unpretentious for such a large fort but narrow and deep. Depending on defence requirements, the positions of bastions each having the cylindrical turret that gives a special character are irregularly spaced with their enormous embrasures for cannon.
Chapora Fort Goa
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