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Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach was made famous by the ‘flower power and peace’ generation of the sixties and early seventies. And later by the ‘trance’ parties. Located about 18 kms from Panaji.Anjuna Beach is to the south of the village with its usual lot of restaurants and bars. Not really the most beautiful beach you can see in Goa, and not really a quiet place.. Be sure to Get your Food and Musical Dance at Curlie's the end of the beach, that's the place where people meet, chill or just listen to music.

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Flea market happens on Wednesdays and runs from morning till dawn. Go early if you want to hunt for bargains, take a rest at noon and come back when it's not as hot anymore. The market offers pretty much anything of what you can think of. Haggling is expected and failing to do so means missing out on the best part. 

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