Britona Riverside Resort GTDC Room Booking

The Britona Riverside Resort providing Three twenty bedded cottages at Rs 110 per bed per night only given out to groups. In addition there is one ten-bedded cottage and another four bedded cottage. One cottage has only floor accommodation where guests bring their own bedding. Total capacity of the Britona Residency is 74 beds, ideal for school, colleges, and clubs.

Britona Riverside Resort Goa GTDC
Britona Riverside Resort Goa
The Residency is set in a garden with some rare old rain trees and one magnificent banyan tree. To the rear of the cottages, rises Betim hill and one can do a bit of hiking if one is so inclined. The Residency is just across the river Mandovi with Panjim smiling sleepily across. One can hop on to the Betim ferry which is free for pedestrians, chug across the river to Panjim city and explore the wonders of Goa capital to one’s hearts content.

Nearby Places:

Penha de Franca church one of the earliest built churches in Bardez taluka (1526) stands right at the banks of the Mandovi River . It is a great place to laze on the riverbanks whilst angling for fish

Dabolim Airport 33kmsSpacious Dormitory type accommodation
Karmali Railway station 13kmsFull fledged restaurant offering Goan, Indian & continental cuisine

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Book Your Room at Mayem Lake View Resort Goa

The drive to Mayem is fascinating as each village unfolds, one more beautiful than the other. You pass small neat houses and large gracious sprawling mansions. Time has not changed much here in these villages. The Corjuem Fort is an interesting stop to make. It is a low fort which has a 360 degree view of the surrounding villages. One can see as far as Panjim too. The cable bridge which is 235-metre bridge with its graceful pylon rising 45 metres into the blue sky is lit with floodlights and is already a major tourist attraction. One cannot help but stop, take a deep breath and commit the memory of the view to the deepest recesses of your mind. This view is spectacular, centuries old hills, vales and mangrove lined Mapusa River with the graceful lines of the Corjuem Bridge highlighting the natural beauty of the place.
Mayem Lake View Resort Goa GTDC
Mayem Lake View Resort Goa

The fort was actually just a vantage point equipped with strong walls and cannon stations to repulse invaders. A strong square shape built of laterite steep slope at the four corners rise up to the turrets where the cannons must have been readied to rain shot down on pesky invaders. The fort is said to have been built in 1705 by the Portuguese and a small chapel sits to the right of the entrance itself.

Another must-visit site is the Saptakoteshwar temple at Narve. which is dedicated to Lord Saptakoteshwara, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There is an interesting story of this particular deity Lord Saptakoteshwar whose fortunes rose and fell with those of Goa. He was deity originally in a temple on Divar Island installed in that temple by the Kadamba kings. After Goa fell to the Sultans the deity was buried and later found and a temple constructed for it on Divar Island. It was moved to its present site after the temple on Divar island was destroyed. Shivaji ordered its renovation at its present site in 1688. The zatraof Saptakoteshwar takes place in April.

Tivim Rly stn 15 km 
Panaji City 35 kmTravel Desk
Dabolim Airport 60 kmDaily Sightseeing Tours
Margao railway station 70 kmBoating at the Lake
Karmali Rly stn 45kmRooms with modern amenities
 Vasco Railway Station 65 kmDaily River Cruises
 Major credit cards accepted

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Old Goa Residency (Heritage View) GTDC Room Booking

There are works of art, breathtaking in themselves but surreal when seen in their entirety when you move from one magnificent old building to another. Where else will you find so many churches, along with a Basilica and a cathedral? And ancient Hindu temple. 
Old Goa Residency (Heritage View) GTDC
Old Goa Residency (Heritage View)

Old Goa is a bonanza for those interested in history, art, culture and atmosphere. And where better to experience it all with the Old Goa Residency as your base, with world treasures just a leisurely walk away. Take your pick of world heritage monuments such as Bom Jesus which houses the body of St Francis Xavier in a tomb of exquisite Goan and Italian workmanship, Se Cathedral, St Francis of Assisi, St Cajetan, the Christian Art Museum, the Tower of St Augustine, which are just a minute’s walk away from this place. After that you can walk down the broad centuries old brick road that leads off to one of the greatest old churches – Santana of Talaulim. A week is not sufficient to explore the treasures of Old Goa and the places of interest around. You will need at least two weeks.

The Residency has 45 rooms in four blocks with double rooms either AC or non-AC.

The elegant lobby opens into the restaurant “Sukhsagar” which caters to a wide variety of tastes. A large hall on the first floor where weddings and family functions are celebrated, is very popular with residents from the surrounding villages for all their major functions. A wide sunny patio can be transformed into the perfect open air venue for an informal fun evening, or a romantic celebration at night.

Nearby Places

You can take your pick or visit every place of historic interest. The churches of Old Goa are a must ­ St Cajetan, Our Lady of the Mount, St Francis of Assisi Church and Convent, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of Our lady of Rosary, the Archaeological Museum, the Christian Art Museum, the ruins of the Church and Monastery of St Augustine, The Chapel of St Catherine, the Viceroy’s Arch, Gateway of the Place of Yusuf Adil Shah, Royal Chapel of St Anthony (opposite the ruins of the Church of St Augustine) Convent of Santa Monica. The temple of Brahmapur is just up the road to Ela. Further afield lie the beautiful islands of Chorao and Divar. Chorao is famous for its Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Divar is larger with its beautiful church dominating the island, you will find beautiful old mansions of a time that is fast disappearing. Finally there is Carambolim lake with its exotic feathered visitors from as far away as Siberia.

Old Goa is a spiritual place, best experienced in early morning or in the lengthening shadows of evening, where you can almost hear the whispers of those gone by, telling you that this particular place by the banks of the Mandovi was beloved by all who walked these same broad avenues centuries ago

Panaji city 10kmFull fledged restaurant offering offering Indian, Goan & Continental cuisine with room service.
Dabolim Airport 36km
Tivim Rly stn 34 kmCottage type rooms equipped with all modern amenities
Margao railway station 30km
Vasco Railway Station 36 kmIndoor and Outdoor Games. Nature treks and excursion trips on request.
Karmali Rly stn  3km

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Miramar Residency GTDC Room Booking

Miramar Residency GTDC Goa
Miramar Residency Goa
The Miramar Residency is newly refurbished and elegantly appointed hotel has 60 rooms and is located right on Miramar Beach. A cluster of neatly laid out cottages and an elegant building, set in a pretty garden with lawns and lush plants, this is a favourite haunt with tourists. GTDC has stepped up and made a part of its premises barrier-free, with an apartment especially designed for the physically disabled. There are more such apartments being designed.

You would do well to book your rooms or cottages in advance. The Residency restaurant Foodland is popular with the locals as well, who come here to relax with friends and drink in the spectacular sunset.

Foodland is set in beautiful surroundings and offers superb cuisine to suit every palate. The Residency has an air-conditioned multi-purpose Hall which can accommodate 150 people and an air-conditioned mini-hall for press conferences and board meetings.

AC Deluxe rooms at Miramar Residency is equipped with following material:

  • Upgraded cozy interiors with beautiful lamp shades and paintings set in cottages amidst lawns with the view of the Miramarbeach from the balcony.
  • Queen size bed with one double mattress and two pillows with side tables.
  • Flat screen  T. V set with cable facility
  • Cabinet with  Mini refrigerator. 
  • Wardrobe with hangers and luggage rack.
  • Two chairs and coffee table
  • Cold water flask, Electric kettle.
  • Split AC unit
  • Modern bathroom fittings & fixtures with hot & cold water mixers.
  • Complimentary shampoo/moisturizer and soap.   

Around Miramar Residency

You have a pick of interesting places to visit and things to do. Want to take in a movie? Head for the multiplex INOX or Samrat theatre, there are restaurants offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. There are specialty eating places like Zen the Thai food place on 18 June Road, local cuisine at several small eateries, and gaddos or mobile foodcarts that serve chaat, sausage rolls, burgers, chops, cutlets, croquettes, chicken shawarmar.

The public transport is pretty good, though not very comfortable, but if you have good walking shoes, you can cover large areas of Goa’s capital city Panaji on foot. It’s a picturesque city, worth exploring.

You can walk along the Miramar-Caranzalem road or step on to the beach and walk up to Donapaula. Check out the Goa Science Museum (three minutes’ walk from the Miramar Residency) which is fascinating for all ages. Or you can catch a bus to the Donapaula jetty and experience the spectacular vista of the Mormugao Harbour with the great cargo vessels neatly arranged on the horizon. The Governor’s residence Cabo Raj Bhavan is worth seeing if you apply for permission. The British cemetery lies quietly outside the Raj Bhavan walls. Talking of cemeteries, the St Inez cemetery is a thing of great beauty and tranquility, with sculptures almost a hundred years old, stately tribute to fallen soldiers.

The Panjim Market is a very colourful and interesting place with Goan fisherwomen sitting solidly like royalty while humble subjects timorously bargain for fish which is an essential in every self-respecting Goan’s diet.

The Old Goa Medical College which has now been restored and changed into the IFFI head office is another must-see. A walk along the boulevard takes you to Kala Academy a structure of great beauty, designed by the world famous Mumbai based architect of Goan origin, Charles Correa. Kala Academy is generally a hive of cultural activity offering music, drama and art. The grounds are also beautiful and if one moves towards the river the comfortable steel benches allow you to soak in a soul-stirring sunset.

Further down the road is the Adil Shah Palace which used to house the Goa Assembly. Now there are plans to turn it into a cultural centre. Turn into the city and the Church of the Immaculate Conception dominates the square, the road to the right takes you up Altinho with some beautiful old mansions, including the official residence of the Chief Minister of the state. TheHigh Court on Altinho is another beautiful structure steeped in history. From the High Court one can take the stepped street(stepped streets are unique to Panjim city) down to Fontainhas the Latin quarter of Panjim. Neat houses line neat roads all held together by the pretty St Sebastian Chapel which houses the crucifix from the Hall of the Inquisition. The crucifix is special since it is a rare representation of Jesus Christ with his eyes wide open.

The Kadamba bus terminus lies just off the commercial centre at Patto Plaza. Here buses connect you all over the state and outside the state too.

The city centre has interesting shopping offering anything from sports goods, to apparel, to accessories, to cashewnuts, feni, wines, cars, books, you want it, it’s all there in Panjim, all you have to do is ask anyone for directions.

 Distance: Facilities:
KTC Bus Stand, Panaji 4 km Travel Desk
 Dabolim Airport 33 km Full fledged Restaurant
  Karmali railway station 14 km Rooms equipped with all modern amenities
 Tivim Railway Station 23km Daily Sightseeing Tours
 Vasco Railway Station 33km Handicraft Shop

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Book Your Room at Calangute Annexe Goa

Around Calangute Residency Annexe is Just 200 metres from Calangute Residency, the Annexe has comfortable twin bedded rooms , ideal for economy minded excursion tourists and student groups. This is a no-frills hotel for the adventurous who spend all their waking hours exploring and only require a bed and bath.
Calangute Annexe GTDC Goa
Calangute Annexe Goa

Calangute Annexe with its 30 rooms is a great hit with school and college groups since it is so economical. It is very close to the Calangute bus stand and a stone's throw away from the beach. Bikes can be hired in the vicinity and one may go off exploring during the day and return at night.

You have the entire beach at your disposal from Sinquerim in the south to Baga in the north. Further afield at Anjuna is theAnjuna Flea Market, which is a truly exotic experience. Baga is the place if you hanker after a blistering night life, at Tito's orMambo's. There are several clubs like the Vanilla Lounge where one can listen to or dance to great music. One can browse through some beautiful jewellery stalls, apparel stalls, places selling furnishings, bags, linen. Browse through some art galleries in the area too. There's a lot happening in Calangute, you just have to go out and look for it.

Panaji city 16 km Travel Desk
Dabolim Airport 45kmRestaurant
Thivim Railway Station 15kmRooms with amenities
Vasco Railway station 49 km-
 Margao railway station 56 km

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Calangute Residency GTDC Room Booking

The Calangute Residency is Situated on the sands of the world famous Calangute Beach , the Calangute Residency offers you rooms overlooking the sea. Calangute Beach is just 16 km from the capital city of Panaji is the most popular destination for domestic and foreign holidaymakers. 
Calangute Residency Goa GTDC
Calangute Residency Goa

The rooms are comfortable and spacious and the suites just perfect for an entire family. Best of all are the large patios where one can sit out and drink in the awesome beauty of the Arabian Sea any time of the day or night. The cottages are tastefully fitted with authentic and comfortable Goan Portuguese furniture. For those who prefer non-airconditioned rooms, the crisp sea breeze fills the rooms and your entire being.

The lovely garden of the Calangute Residency is a beautiful foil to the pretty cottages and the blue sea beyond.

‘Destination One’, features an eclectic mix of venues serving great food, drinks, music and excitement all this and much more in an ambiance that's refined rather than pretentious. Located at Calangute Beach, Destination One helps add beauty and happiness to the special moments of your life with high dosage of elegance and style. Serving an exotic range of multi-cuisine savouries, a party ambiance it gives you a feeling of celebrating life at its best. It is one of the best wedding venues in Goa to organize an event that is well – coordinated by banqueting team to ensure a truly memorable occasion.

Calangute Residency Escapade

Located on the setting Arabian Sea, Goa brings you dining at its finest, in dramatic outdoor settings that simply cannot be replicated within the confines of walls. The beautiful sunset, the cool breeze and a beach front meal, Escapade gives you unforgettable moments. Add to it an exquisite selection of exotic and standard favourites from across the globe by a team of eminent chefs holding international experience and awards.

Calangute Residency Sea Lawn

Sea Lawns is one of the best wedding venues that can accommodate all your needs for a versatile and surprisingly different venue. At sea lawns, every moment of your wedding is made special, right from ambiance and delectable cuisines to every last detail taken care to ensure that the whole celebration unfolds smoothly. Just imagine an awe-inspiring setting. Under the open blue sky, right the cusp where land meets the endless sea, stretching all the way to the horizon. A place where the waves roll in majestically to greet you and the gushing sea breeze gently whispers a welcome tune. At the very edge of the infinite blue of the ocean, Sea Lawn’s being one of the best wedding planners provides an extraordinary location for memorable experiences.

Experience the scintillating magic of being transported to a special slice of paradise, as you leave the real world at the gates and enter a spectacular beach front setting that is sure to take your breath away.

With the vast ocean as the backdrop, and an unmatched range of hospitality services, cuisines and facilities at your disposal, Sea Lawn promises an unforgettable outdoor experience for a wide range of events, ceremonies and gatherings. There is no better place to celebrate, rock, catch up with friends or plan a business get together, than the beach and there is no other beach front venue that even comes close to Sea Lawn at Destination One.

Around Calangute Residency

Walk along the beach line from Sinquerim/Candolim/Calangute to Baga for getting all those cobwebs out of your mind. It is a peaceful yet exhilarating experience. You can hire a motorbike or scooter and go on a bike ride to the 16th century Aguada Fort or to the sandy rocky, picturesque beaches like Vagator (7kms) and Anjuna (5kms), Chapora (9kms). Do wear a crash helmet though and ride carefully. Another special feature on this stretch of beaches is the flea market on Wednesdays and Arpora Night market, with live music, on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The streets of Calangute are filled with shops offering a wide range of goods, namely souvenirs, metal crafts, leather items, clothes and jewellery, not just from Goa , but from other parts of the country as well. 

The sober may just relax or sun bathe on the sun kissed beaches or sit comfortably in the shacks sipping and watching the ever-playful beach. The adventurous can venture into water sport activities like parasailing or ride the waves on water scooters.

Tito’s and Mambo’s on the Baga road are a few of he hottest spots where everyone jams up looking for party action. 

Entertainment; Kerkar Art Gallery , and Galeira de belas Artes sell contemporary paintings, sculpture, ceramics and crafts

Karmali Railway Station 25km
Dabolim Airport 48kmTravel Desk
Tivim Railway Station 16kmDaily Sightseeing Tours
Daily River Cruises
Rooms with modern amenities
Major credit cards accepted

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Book Your Room at Vasco Residency Goa

Vasco Residency even has an actual single room with one single bed in it. This single bedroom opens into a huge patio outside. This residency has been built with an eye on comfort. Harried after your business meetings of the day, this is the sanctuary you can escape to. If you need to dash off emails and faxes, there is a business centre in the new wing that is fully equipped with broadband high-speed internet connectivity and at least 10 computers.

Vasco Residency Goa GTDC
Vasco Residency
A variety of cuisines can be sampled at Little Chef the beautifully designed bar and restaurant. The residency has a large wedding hall and a mini hall. There are AC suites, double rooms, non AC double rooms, two 4-bedded rooms, one 6-bedded room and one single room. All toilets are western-style, elegant and very clean. 

This residency is frequented largely by corporate individuals, and those who have business with Goa Shipyard, the Antarctica Centre, various shipping companies and Navy personnel who show a preference for staying here.

With the introduction of early morning flights, air passengers from North Goa and the extreme South of Goa, book into the Vasco Residency the night before their departure, so that they can have an excellent night’s sleep and get to the airport in good time for their early morning flight.

Around Vasco Residency

You can begin with the Municipal Garden, then move on to Pilot Point, where you can see the entire Mormugao Port before your eyes, further up the hill is the fascinating descending Japanese Garden which leads down a stone stairway down to the beach. Along the way to the beach you pass the sun-baked stones of the ruins of the Fortaleza Santa Catarina.Further down is a small jewel like temple Shri Durgamata Shiv Mandir. Vasco has one of Goa's best known beaches Bogmalo Beach. On the way to this beach one passes Dabolim airport and one of the most interesting museums for all ages - the Naval Aviation Museum

Panaji City 32 kmTravel Desk
Dabolim Airport 7 kmDaily sightseeing tours
Vasco Railway station 100 mt Daily river cruises
Tivim railway station 50 km Shopping Arcade
 Karmali Railway Station 27kmRooms with modern amenities
 Margao Railway Station 30kmMajor credit cards accepted

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